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Business Analytics

Companies of any size realize the big potential for data, but many struggle with turning these data they have into information they can act upon and take advantage of it. Legacy solutions and tools for analytics just a boredom and do not lead anywhere. Analysts in line-of-business departments such as marketing, finance and sales are exhausting the capabilities and get into weird situations using Excel sheets and different other solutions. At Mave Business Solutions we have a team data scientists and specialized staff for data prep, blending, analytics, and sharing of insights.

Businesses create massive volumes of data that is largely untapped, and in many cases unknown, that could be used towards predictive management of risk. Many businesses at best are only using a limited set of metrics and confounded by how to access the rest. Access to quality, trustworthy data in real time is a critical building block in an integrated approach to Operations Risk Management.

  • 1. Does your organization know how to tap into the massive amounts of data generated to predictively manage operational risks
  • 2. Would you like to accelerate reduction in serious safety incidents, better engage people, and effectively manage risk in a sustainable and integrated way
  • 3. Can your organization extract leading insights from data that allows leaders to stay ahead of rising operational challenges, customer demands and global competition

Effective use of emerging technology can improve identification, evaluation and differential management of operational risks. Rapidly developing (and more user-friendly) technologies and data analysis capabilities can put richer insights into the hands of leadership & stake holders enabling them to make more integrated and informed decisions toward managing operations risks, keep people safe and achieve sustainable business performance.

We at mavebs leverage data analysis as an integrated enabler in our solutions worldwide to deliver competitive advantage to our customers.

  • Statistical Analysis
  • Quantitative Analysis
  • Data Mining
  • Predictive Modeling
  • Identification of Trends
  • Collate Information to drive business change

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